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napoleonGeneral Robert E. Lee studied the campaigns of Napoleon while he was superintendent at West Point. Why did Lee and many other Civil War generals seek to emulate Napoleon on American battlefields? Learn why Napoleon Bonaparte, one of history’s greatest generals, still influences military thought.

After it first appeared in 1996, NAPOLEON magazine received critical acclaim for its use of translated sources from European archives, fascinating battle and campaign studies, original artwork and uniform illustrations, detailed color maps and orders-of-battle, and much more provided by a host of international contributors.

The most colorful period of military history comes alive in the pages of Napoleon Journal! To read about the contents of each issue and see sample pages, click here.

Napoleon's Last Army NAPOLEON'S LAST ARMY. Since 2010 we have been working on a new series of books that include thousands of pages of translated documents from the French archives, plus dozens of new paintings by Keith Rocco. Read details here.

Napoleon's Options WATERLOO 200. Napoleonic games, t-shirts, coasters, bookmarks, and more! Visit our website with special Waterloo commemorative items:  Napoleon’s Options.

All 17 back issues of NAPOLEON are available as searchable PDFs on a DVD in a protective art sleeve for $36 (USA) or $42 (international). A limited number of printed back issues are available. Click here for a list and prices.

All 17 issues as searchable PDFs on a DVD
(U.S. only orders)

All 17 issues as searchable PDFs on a DVD
(International orders)

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